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The Roy Benson Tenor Saxophone has the exact same futures as the 302 Alto sax. The unique "Relaxed Neck Design" makes for a great full blowing tenor sax. As well as the improved S3 body and beautiful hand engraved bell. Features include the "Relaxed Neck Design", S3 improved brass body, hardened blue steel springs, Pisoni pads, USA mouthpiece, cap and Ligature, lacquered body and keys, lightweight case and back pack assembly.

  • RND neck (relaxed neck design)
  • S3 improved brass body
  • Brass keys
  • High F#-key
  • Hardened steel springs
  • C#/Bb-connected table key
  • PISONI pads
  • Lacquered
  • USA mouthpiece with ligature and cap
  • Light rectangular case with rucksack assembly
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