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Meason Double Reeds

Wendal Jones class=
Wendal Jones, Founder
Meason is a reputable name in the industry when it comes to top-notch double reeds that are exceptionally resonant and are therefore preferred by musicians. Meason reeds are produced by the Jones Double Reed Products (JDRP) Company, which has been manufacturing oboe and bassoon reeds for more than 45 years. JDRP utilizes the best cane, called Arundo Donax, which is grown in Southern France. This is the natural material used for producing single reeds for clarinets and saxophones, and double reeds for oboes and bassoons. Meason reeds are carefully assembled and tested for itch, response, and strength. It is currently available in four strengths: medium soft, medium, medium hard, and hard. JDRP hires staff from various backgrounds, including artists and professional musicians – all dedicated to providing the best service possible, from the onset of production up to the communication process in ensuring that the quality of the products are uncompromised and the satisfaction of the customers are guaranteed.
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