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Juno Reeds

A Vandoren Reed for Beginners

Vandoren wanted to design a high-quality, inexpensive reed to help beginners enjoy their band experience to the fullest. All JUNO reeds are made from the same cane and on the same machines as Vandoren's professional reeds. JUNO is available for all clarinets and saxophones in a variety of strengths and packaging.

The first reed designed specifically for beginning students, JUNO features an extra-responsive cut that helps students make a full sound sooner and improve much faster. Designed for a free and full response right from the start, JUNO makes it easier for students and band directors to fine-tune articulation, dynamics and intonation than ever before!

Vandoren understands the realities of beginning band. JUNO reeds are 33% less than Vandoren Traditional reeds. JUNO provides high quality and a low price!
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