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Relatively young in the industry of accessories for wind instruments, Bambú is a company which has grown and spread quickly over the years with their innovative, high-quality accessories. Founded in Buenos Aires in the year 2007 by Héctor P. Trillo, Bambú manufactures reasonable priced professional products, such as hand-woven ligatures (available in 12 different colours), handmade wooden reed cases, leather neck straps, microfibre cleaning kits and swabs, and cork grease.

Bambú designs and manufactures products which contribute to the customization of each instrument, helping thus musicians find their own style and providing the necessary tools so that each artist can project their creativity without limitations. Bambú highlights the importance of using first-quality accessories which, besides having an artistic design and a handmade termination, are durable and functional.

For 2021, Bambú has released the very unique NOVA series ligatures. NOVA is the first ligature to combine woven strings with a mechanical adjustment and an attached pressure plate.

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