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In 2004, Rico was acquired by D'Addario & Co, the world's foremost manufacturer of musical instrument accessories. A family owned and operated business, D'Addario's success is built on a passion for innovation and quality. The research and development arm of D'Addario is one of its strongest assets. Headed by James D'Addario, its engineering department has accumulated many important manufacturing and product patents in the field.

The late 1960s brought another generation of D'Addarios into the family business, with John D'Addario, Jr. the first addition to the fold. John D'Addario Sr.'s five children were no strangers to the string business. Just like the generations before them, they too had helped even as children. All can recount stories of warm nights spent sitting around the kitchen table, drinking coffee and watching The Honeymooners, helping to coil the strings and stuff them into marked envelopes.

As a result, D'Addario has infused millions of dollars of new technology and quality control at Rico. Every aspect of Rico's reed-making process has been redeveloped -- from the plantation to the reed making machines, and everything in between.Rico's passion for quality and commitment to artistry has created a revolution among players. Rico is now the reed of choice among all levels of clarinetists and saxophonists, played in the world's most prestigious symphonies, conservatories, and jazz clubs.

In 2006, Rico developed the world's most precise, fully automated reed blanking machine. Each blank produced is measured to tolerances smaller than the thickness of a human hair. The table of every blank is polished smooth so it sits flat on the mouthpiece table, creating a prefect seal.

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