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  • Jones Bassoon Reed

    Jones Bassoon Reed

    The Jones Bassoon reed is one of the finest commercial bassoon reeds available. Each piece of cane is selected for...
  • BAM Microfiber Bassoon Swab

    BAM Microfiber Bassoon Swab

    2 swab kit: one for each joint. The first swab was specially designed to clean a Bassoon. A thin cord runs through...

  • BG Leather Bassoon Neck Strap

    BG Leather Bassoon Neck Strap

    This elastic neck strap is made with leather to absorb perspiration. It's padding provides extra comfort to the...

  • BG Bassoon Leather Seat Strap

    BG Bassoon Leather Seat Strap

    BG offers a seat strap for the traditional players. Featuring a leather cup that allows for a better grip on the...

  • Hercules Bass Clarinet/Bassoon Stand

    Hercules Bass Clarinet/Bassoon Stand

    A multi-functional yoke and base rest allow you to place the instrument facing towards or away from the stand, for...

  • Hodge Bassoon Silk Swab - Multiple Colors

    Hodge Bassoon Silk Swab - Multiple Colors

    The Hodge Premium Bassoon Swab is made from 100% silk for removing moisture from woodwind instruments after each...

  • K&M Bassoon Stand

    K&M Bassoon Stand

    The bassoon stand is now available in a newly improved design 150/1. The large rubber coated support cup...

  • BAM "Hightech" Bassoon Case

    BAM "Hightech" Bassoon Case

    Another exclusive innovation from BAM comes the "Hightech" Bassoon Case. This case features BAM's patented process...

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