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  • John Packer Professional CC Tuba - Lacquer Finish
    Model: JP379CC
  • $6,532.90
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  • John Packer Professional CC Tuba - Silver Plating
    Model: JP379CCS
  • $7,456.90
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The JP379CC builds on the already popular JP Sterling range of tubas by offering a large bore, C model with unparalleled performance and affordability. Designed and constructed in collaboration with Sterling Musical Instruments, the JP379CC features an exclusive Sterling leadpipe and benefits from Sterling's manufacturing expertise. Paul Riggett of Sterling Musical Instruments is widely respected as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of brass instruments in the UK. He previously worked as a production manager at Boosey & Hawkes before creating Sterling Musical Instruments in 1987.

In the key of C, the JP379CC is predominantly used within an orchestral setting however can also be found within wind and concert bands. Constructed from high grade 80:20 brass and with a large 450mm bell, this model boasts a unique, warm and well-rounded tone. This pro-level model is a full 4/4 size standing at a height of 900mm. The JP379CC has 5 valves (4 piston and 1 rotary) and a 19/20/20.5mm bore.

The JP379 is supplied with a mouthpiece and comes with a lightweight case. The case includes hard wheels and an ergonomic pull strap and handle and features a large storage pocket for sheet music and small accessories. Internally, there are also several compartments for small accessories.
Key: C
Body: Height: 900 mm Construction: High Grade 80:20 Brass Size: Full 4/4
Bore: 19/20/20.5 mm (Large Bore)
Bell: 450 mm
Valves: 5 valves (4 piston/1 rotary)
Finishes: Lacquer or Silverplate
Additional features: Sterling designed short leadpipe
Supplied with: JP Mouthpiece, Lightweight case, Ultra-Pure maintenance kit
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