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John Packer Curved Soprano Saxophone
The JP043CG Bb soprano saxophone will suit you if you are a student looking for an introduction to the saxophone or wanting to work towards your lower grades. You may be a professional player looking for an affordable second instrument, the JP043CG will meet that need. A great instrument to also help you explore the soprano sax solo, plus band and sax choir repertoire.


For instrument reliability an underslung octave mechanism
Rust resistant blue steel springs which have better tension memory
Italian leather pads for better seals which last longer than conventional pads
Resonator pads to improve projection and give tone more depth
Front F, high F# and high G keys
Floating plate design for the little finger (left hand) cluster
Adjustable thumb for a natural and comfortable hand position
Sling ring to also aid with comfort

The JP043CG is supplied in a backpack case that can also facilitate a provided shoulder strap for ease of transportation. The case is pocketed which is suitable for storing small accessories and comes with a JP mouthpiece, cap, ligature, JP "Well slung" sling and reed.
Model: JP043CG
Key: Bb
Material: Brass
Keywork: Gold lacquer
Mechanism: Full keywork
Finish: Gold Lacquer
Lyre Box: No
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