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  • La Tromba F1 Cork and Slide Grease - mini tub 3g
    Model: 571000
  • $3.95
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  • La Tromba F1 Cork and Slide Grease - small tub 15g
    Model: 57102
  • $7.95
  • - +
Isolates the collecting condensate from the tuning slides and thereby prevents corrosion and jamming of the inner slides. It is a relatively firm grease with the exact consistence needed for the slides to operate properly. Often used also as a vacuum grease for not so precise slides. At the same time. it is also an ideal grease for the care of tenon joints on woodwind instruments. It protects the corks from moisture, remains smooth and all this by ideal lubricating properties. La Tromba Cork & Slide Grease is a hight tech product among lubricants. It is very temperature-stable, ageing resistant and prevents jamming of the slides and corks. These outstanding qualities make it the ultimate grease for music instruments.
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