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  • Yamaha Neo Model 642 Euphonium - Laquer Finish
    Model: YEP-642TII
  • $7,045.99
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  • Yamaha Neo Model 642 Euphonium - Silver Plating
    Model: YEP-642TSII
  • $7,327.99
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A main-tuning slide trigger system has been added to the wildly popular Neo series YEP-642II euphonium offering enhanced, precise pitch control. The new trigger system has been tested for extreme durability to withstand the toughest action. Also, the additional weight of the trigger system helps to achieve a greater depth of tone and clarity of articulation.


Main Tuning Slide Trigger System

A main tuning slide trigger system offers precise pitch control as well as solid tone. The lever plate can be pressed during a performance to shift the main tuning slide downward, lowering pitch by a precisely controlled amount. Release the lever plate and the tuning slide returns to its original position. To tune the instrument prior to a performance, loosen the rod base screw so that the main tube tuning slide can be positioned as required. The screw can then be tightened to set the trigger rod to the desired position.

* A 2mm hex wrench (for lever plate vertical position and angle adjustment) and operation manual for the trigger system are supplied.

Adjustable Trigger System
The position, angle, and stroke of the lever plate can be adjusted to optimize trigger system operation and comfort individual needs.

1. Lever plate vertical position and angle adjustment

The supplied hex wrench can be used to loosen the lever plate screws, allowing the vertical position and angle of the lever plate to be adjusted for maximum operation comfort and ease.

2. Lever plate stroke adjustment

Use a standard "minus" screwdriver to rotate the lever plate stroke screw and adjust as required.

Dedicated Trigger Slide
The main tube tuning slides of euphoniums designed for trigger mechanisms have a rod base to which the trigger rod attaches. Additionally, the diameter of the main tube tuning slide inner tube is smaller than normal to ensure smooth trigger operation.

Dedicated Main Tuning Slide Trigger Cover
A special metal cover prevents the main tube tuning slide from coming into to direct contact with and possibly transferring oil to the player's clothing. Loosen the attachment screw to adjust the position of the cover as required.
Key: Bb
Body: Yellow brass
Bell Diameter: 300mm (11 4/5")
Bore Size: 15-16.8mm (0.591-0.661")
Height: 664mm
Valves: 3 top + 1 side, compensating
Finish: Silver-plated or Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece: SL-51L
Case: Included
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