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Henri Selmer Paris is proud to announce a new generation to their models of clarinets, the Evolution Series. Henri Selmer Paris clarinets are renown for their incredible consistency, tone quality, great intonation, and incredible quality. The Evolution Series brings an element of reliability and stability that has never before been seen in the professional clarinet world. Due to the features of the material and production process we use on the upper joints, the following advantages are achieved:

Greater stability in dimensional variation: the bore does not move or change and the reliability of the fit of the barrel onto the upper joint is improved
Waterproof: no more cracks
Better thermal conductivity: the instrument heats up and gets to pitch more quickly
Smoother response on all registers
Each evolution upper joint is indicated with a small star near the serial number

The Signature model Selmer Paris clarinet represents a very different sound of clarinet compared to other models on the market. The Signature utilizes raised up tone holes, which helps provide a more focused tone while maintaining a very precise responding instrument. Professionals worldwide praise the Signature clarinet for its depth of sound and uniformly dark, clear tone quality in all ranges and dynamics. Playing with slightly more resistance than the other Selmer clarinets, the Signature requires a more efficient and free-blowing set-up. After adjusting and balancing your mouthpiece and reed you will find even the softest pianissimos respond with less embouchure effort. With the Signature, you concentrate on making music instead of struggling with the instrument.
Key of A
Grenadilla wood
14.50mm/.574 inch bore
442 pitch
Two barrels (64.5, 62.5)
Boehm key system (18 keys, 6 rings)
Left hand Eb
Silver-plated nickel-silver keys
Leather pads with boosters (lower) / Gortex
Blued steel springs
Adjustable thumb rest
Metal tenons and sockets
Selmer Paris C-85/120 mouthpiece
Selmer Paris Prisme Double case
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