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The NEW 2020 MANTRA 2 soprano saxophone is the most advanced soprano available. The MANTRA sounds full, fat and robust, more like the alto and tenor saxophones. It has incredible altissimo, and integrates many new innovations.

The MANTRA soprano's innovations include new ergonomics, 'boundary-layer-effect' (similar to a shark's skin which allows it to glide better through water), Theo's angled three-ring-strap-hook, improved bore design, advanced key adjustments. The result? The warmest, fattest, and more beautiful sounding soprano ever made! It includes many other features we keep secret, however, the effects will definitely be heard when you play the horn!

Curved Mantra 2 - A bit brighter and livelier. Big super clean sound that is easy to hear as the bell points upwards. Comes in vintified finish with gold lacquer keys only.

The MANTRA does not come with a mouthpiece so you can choose what is right for you. We recommend the following:

For a powerful sound the SHIVA mouthpiece is the perfect choice.
For a contemporary full sound the DURGA mouthpiece is the perfect choice.
For a darker sound the GAIA mouthpiece is the perfect choice.
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