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Rousseau Reserve Classic Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces
  • Rousseau Reserve Classic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - RC3
    Model: ER402RC3
  • $164.95
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  • Rousseau Reserve Classic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - RC4
    Model: ER402RC4
  • $164.95
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  • Rousseau Reserve Classic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - RC5
    Model: ER402RC5
  • $164.95
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Rousseau Saxophone Mouthpieces are the finest Classical and Jazz mouthpieces anywhere. The key is the ingenious designs created by world-renowned Concert Saxophonist and Legendary Professor Dr. Eugene Rousseau. Combined with old-world hand craftsmanship and strict quality control, there are simply no better mouthpieces for sound, control and performance on the planet. Now a JodyJazz Company, Rousseau Mouthpieces are hand-finished, gauged and play tested at the JodyJazz Factory and held to the highest quality standards.

Improved Response in the Lower Register While Maintaining Beautiful Saxophone Sound.

The RC Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece delivers a centered, darker tone and provides for a wide dynamic range with terrific response, including a distinctively improved lower register. This new design features slightly reshaped sidewalls and baffle.


The Rousseau RC Classic mouthpiece is the newest entry in a mouthpiece line that has received the endorsement from university teachers and professional saxophone artists in the U.S. and throughout the world. While the original line was first developed by Dr. Eugene Rousseau in the 1970's, the full line of classical and jazz mouthpieces has grown and continues to be unmatched in providing both professional players and advancing students with the appropriate tools to achieve superior saxophone tone, response and performance.

Maintaining a balance among all of the important qualities of a mouthpiece requires imagination, skill, knowledge and a passion for the best. Different mouthpieces provide different results for the player, and determining which model to use will be based on many design factors. A well-designed baffle is one key factor, bringing together the best balance between each of the four main features of a mouthpiece - tone quality, response, projection and dynamic control.

The Classic RC model maintains a terrific response and dynamic range, as with all Rousseau models. It does provide some increased opportunities in the lower register and is not as restrictive as some other brands. Most critically, however, there are many tonal colors available and a properly trained player will readily notice that the result provides a truly beautiful saxophone tone.

Some performers may choose the projection and control offered by the Classic NC models or the warm flexible tone of the Classic R series. But for those who are looking for a classical performance mouthpiece with some alternative performance and tonal features, the Rousseau Classic RC model is highly recommended.

Rousseau mouthpieces are designed for saxophonists at every level from World Class Concertizing Artists, To University Professors to aspiring students from Middle School to College.

Rousseau mouthpieces are made from traditional hard Rubber and manufactured 100% in the USA and then expertly hand finished by artisans at the JodyJazz Factory on the crucial and indispensable final details of the mouthpiece such as baffle and tip rail.

At the JodyJazz Factory they play test every single Rousseau Mouthpiece after extensive hand work is done to gauge and measure each piece. Consistency and Excellence is an Obsession.
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