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A red brass bell gives this instrument the richer, darker sound preferred by many bass trombonists. Special tuning mechanism in slide. The 62H has special double rotors to F and E. The double rotor bass trombone with second rotor E tuning eliminates the need to pull the F slide to play low B, and maintains the advantage of having C and F in 1st position. This instrument not only has all the advantages of single rotor bass trombones pitched in Bb and F, but also by using the overtone series of the E valve, the player now has three horns in one; Bb, F and E.

  • Double Rotor Bass Trombone
  • .562 inch Primary Bore
  • .580 inch Rotor Bore
  • Dependent "Stacked" Rotors
  • 9.5 inch Annealed, Rose Brass Bell
  • Three Interchangeable Leadpipes
  • Chrome-Plated Inner Slides
  • Lacquer Finish
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