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John Packer One-Piece Soprano Saxophone
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The John Packer Musical Instrument range was born from John Packer's passion for providing affordable and high quality musical instruments. The full JP instrument range now exceeds 130 models, covering the majority of woodwind and brass instruments, including many minority instruments, with more in the pipeline! We regularly visit our suppliers and are able to control all aspects of production: design, materials and manufacturing methods. Every instrument is designed to perform better than any other instrument at the same price. Many of our instruments are played by top professional players in the UK, and around the world with almost 30 countries now stocking JP!

The JP243 is a lightweight yet high performing one piece Bb Soprano Saxophone which has surprised many with its well-made and reliable construction from high grade 80:20 brass. Intonation is excellent throughout the range with small variations limited to a very narrow range. The instrument's tone is even and well balanced, and coupled with a smooth and and well positioned action, ensuring that the JP243 achieves a high performance to cost ratio. Fingering is intuitive and comfortable enabling even small players to pick up the JP243. This is helped with the inclusion of a floating plate design for little finger (Left Hand) cluster, aiding faster movement.

The JP243 Bb Soprano Saxophone features a variety of components usually reserved for instrument many times it's price include abalone pearl keys, blue steel springs and Italian leather resonator pads. An adjustable thumb rest and back stop is also featured as standard. A full soprano range is achieved through the inclusion of front F, high F# and high G keys.

The JP243 is supplied with everything that is needed to get a new player started including a JP Mouthpiece, lightweight case and starter accessory pack including mouthpiece cap, ligature and JP reed. The case is well designed to be robust yet lightweight and to provide as much protection to your instrument as possible. It is equipped with a comfortable should strap as standard and also includes a small storage pocket accessible from the outside suitable for storing small accessories and sheet music.

Manufactured to a high quality standard as is expected with all JP Instruments, The JP243 Bb Soprano Saxophone is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty manufacturing or materials and is fully tested prior to sale.
Underslung 8ve mechanism - For reliability
Floating plate design for little finger (LH) cluster - Aids fast movement
'Abalone' pearls - To enhance appearance
Blue steel springs - Rust resistant with bettertension memory
Italian leather pads - More waterproof so more reliable
Resonator pads - For enhanced projection and tonal depth
Adjustable thumb rest - Increases playing comfort
Adjustable back stops - For easier adjustment and faster servicing
G#/Bb & F/F# independent adjustment - Adds strength, rigidness and reliability
Mechanism includes: Front F, High F#
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