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Roy Benson Children's Alto Saxophone

The Roy Benson Children's Alto Saxophone is designed for the younger or smaller child who is anxious to begin early on the saxophone, now there is a saxophone that allows the smallest child to play now without waiting for the child to get bigger. With keys adjusted to fit a child's hands, and a curved neck, and the extended upward little finger table keys and lowered palm keys allows ease of playing for the smallest of hands. Features include child sized adjusted keys and curved neck, C#-Bb connected table key, range to high F, lacquered brass body and keys, and a light rectangular case with backpack assembly.

-Adjusted Keys and Curved Neck

-C#-Bb Connected Table Key

-Range to High F

-Lacquered Brass Body and Keys

-Mouthpiece, Ligature, Cap, and Children's Sax Harness Included

-Hardshell, Rectangular Case w/ Back-Pack Straps

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