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Buffet Crampon USA, North American Distributor for Buffet Crampon woodwinds, Besson brass and Antoine Courtois Paris brass instruments, is excited to announce the newest addition to the GREEN LINE family of woodwind instruments: the GREEN LINE bass clarinets.

GREEN LINE woodwind instruments are the result of years of research and development by Buffet Crampon to create acoustically superior instruments that also offer extreme durability and resistance to atmospheric variations of humidity and temperature. Composed of 95% African black wood (also known as grenadilla wood) and 5% epoxy resin, GREEN LINE instruments retain the acoustic properties of the wood while remaining extremely resistant to cracking. GREEN LINE instruments are also significant in helping protect the supply of African black wood, long in danger of extinction from overharvesting. Buffet Crampon also offers professional GREEN LINE B-flat, A and E-flat clarinets, as well as the 3613G professional oboe.

The Prestige bass clarinets (1183G and 1193G) represent the culmination of the GREEN LINE evolution. While the Prestige bass clarinets have been the gold standard for soloists, orchestral players and band players for years, the new GREEN LINE bass clarinets provide the same excellent response, intonation and overall quality Buffet Crampon clarinetists have come to expect. The prototype GREEN LINE Prestige bass clarinet with range to low C was play-tested domestically by Buffet Crampon Performing Artists including J. Lawrie Bloom of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Andre Moisan of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Alcides Rodriguez of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Marci Gurnow of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. All of them praised its warm, centered tone, evenness of response throughout all the registers and consistent intonation.

  • Key of Bb
  • Range to Low C
  • Two-Part Neck
  • Power Forged, Silver-Plated Keywork
  • Eb/Ab Lever
  • Low G Resonance Key
  • Double D Spatula
  • Triple D Spatula
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