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BG Bb Clarinet Microfiber Swab
The BGA32 Bb Clarinet Microfiber Body Swab is a highly absorbent microfiber swab that quickly and efficiently removes all of the moisture from the bore. The protected pull will not scratch your clarinet.

The instrument is the musician's work tool. He will spend many hours of work, cooperation and company with it. A work tool well taken care of, will provide much more reliable performance than if it is not well maintained.The musician on stage risks his/ her reputation in front of demanding audiences. Can you imagine the resounding fail if there were a mistake with the instrument because of its lack of maintenance?

If the pads are not carefully dried sooner rather than later not only they will make noise and not close properly, they will fail much sooner. If the bodies are not efficiently dried, cracks that will ruin the instrument will happen If the keys are not periodically cleaned, they will work slowly, and irregularly.
Fast absorbency
Perfect sewing on edges
Lint Free
Will not shrink or fluff
Lasts 5 years +
Made in France
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