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BG Super Revelation Clarinet Ligature and Cap - For All Clarinets
  • BG Super Revelation Bb Clarinet Ligature
    Model: BGL4SR
  • $46.95
  • - +
  • BG Super Revelation Eb Clarinet Ligature
    Model: BGL8SR
  • $46.95
  • - +
  • BG Super Revelation Alto Clarinet Ligature
    Model: BGL82SR
  • $69.95
  • - +
  • BG Super Revelation Bass Clarinet Ligature
    Model: BGL9SR
  • $63.95
  • - +
  • BG Super Revelation Contra Bass Clarinet Ligature
    Model: BGL92SR
  • $69.95
  • - +
This is a true soloist's ligature. The 24K gold plating provides a more brilliant and compact sound compared to the other BG ligatures.

Every musician must have several ligatures because every BG ligature provides a different sound for each situation and type of music.

In Fabric Ligatures, the presence of the metal on the base plate increases the brightness and the projection of the sound. With just a rubber base, the warm sound is strengthened. Each ligature satisfies specific needs.
The soloist's ligature
Gold plate
Exceptional radiance
Easy staccato
Brilliant and compact sound
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