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All Cerveny tubas now include a hard-shell case!

From the very beginning, Cerveny focused on the world market. Already in 1853 he exhibited his instruments in New York, where in the same year his younger brother Frantisek opened a branch office. Cerveny took part in many world industrial exhibitions with a great success. Cerveny instruments have consistently received highest honors. After 1948 the Cerveny factory merged into a state enterprise AMATI Kraslice, one of the world's largest brass and woodwind manufacturers.

The Cervenys have always been known for their beautiful sound and excellent rotary valves. These fine instruments from middle Europe are easy to play and lightweight compared to other brands of tubas. The Cerveny CBB 681-4II features a full rich sound. The larger bore offers good projection without sacrificing intonation.

  • Key of BBb
  • Full (4/4) Size Tuba
  • .795 inch Bore
  • Nickel-Silver Leadpipe
  • 15.75 inch, Yellow Brass Bell
  • Four Rotary Valves
  • Miniball Linkage
  • Clear Lacquer Finish
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