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All Cerveny tubas now include a hard-shell case!

Cerveny has been building fine brass instruments since 1842 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. They are world's largest manufacturer of tubas and baritones. Their tubas possess a rich, resonant tone quality, and have excellent projection. These fine instruments exhibit superior workmanship and are known for their excellent finish. Cerveny tubas represent a real value in their price range. The Cerveny CCB 601-5PRX CC Tuba is an oversized Kaisertuba that that is ideal for symphonic music.

The Cerveny CCB 601-5PRX is a professional rotary valve tuba designed by Professor Vaclac Hoza, which features a full rich sound. The large bore offers good projection without sacrificing intonation. The tuba is a 5/4 horn, allowing for a greater projection over an ensemble.

  • Key of CC
  • Kaisertuba (5/4 Size)
  • .827 inch Bore
  • Nickel-Silver Leadpipe
  • 19.7 inch,Yellow Brass Bell
  • Nickel-Silver Bell Rim
  • Five Rotary Valves
  • Fifth Valve placed on Left Hand
  • Nickel-Silver Valve Casings
  • Miniball Linkage
  • Clear Lacquer Finish
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