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  • Holton Double French Horn - Fixed Bell
    Model: H378
  • $3,529.00
  • - +
  • Holton Double French Horn - Detachable Bell
    Model: H478ERA
  • $3,809.00
  • - +

An intermediate Kruspe wrap horn, this horn offers a great value for an intermediate horn. The H378 has similar playing characteristics to those of the H178, with a bright, compact feel and sound. Yellow brass produces a higher tone color with more overtones for clearer projection. Capable of playing pianissimo staccato notes clearly and evenly.

Holton "Farkas" - Key of F/Bb, .468" bore, Farkas wrap, 12-1/4" medium throat yellow brass bell, yellow brass branches and slide crooks, nickel silver slide tubes, tapered rotors and bearings, clear lacquer finish, Holton-Farkas MC mouthpiece, CH602 plastic shell case.

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