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  • Blessing Flugelhorn 3FL Mouthpiece - MPC3FL
    Model: MPC3FL
  • $31.95
  • - +
  • Blessing Flugelhorn 5FL Mouthpiece - MPC5FL
    Model: MPC5FL
  • $31.95
  • - +
  • Blessing Flugelhorn 7FL Mouthpiece - MPC7FL
    Model: MPC7FL
  • $31.95
  • - +
For over a century, E.K. Blessing has built a reputation offering quality products at an affordable price. Purchased by St. Louis Music in 2015, this legacy continues with our commitment to helping a musician achieve their highest aspirations. It's important for us that you sound your best and feel confident in your equipment.

That starts with the right mouthpiece.

E.K. Blessing mouthpieces for brass instruments offer a great value. Made in Germany and CNC -machined out of the highest quality yellow brass, our mouthpieces are manufactured according to the strictest quality guidelines. Blessing provides a comfortable and economic mouthpiece option that allows a student to grow and develop. E.K. Blessing offers a selection of models for Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, French Horn, Mellophone, Trombone, and Tuba. Based on traditional designs, our mouthpieces are sized with specifications that educators know and trust. Choosing the right mouthpiece is critical for creating a quality sound.

Our selection of sizes allows for the development of a characteristic tone to meet the varied demands of the student musician including band, orchestra, pep band, marching band, jazz band, etc. Durable, dependable, reliable, Blessing mouthpieces are a solid choice for any brass student as they start their path on a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

See the following web page for further details on Blessing Trumpet Mouthpieces.

Blessing Mouthpiece Guide
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