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Bobby Shew is one of the greatest jazz trumpeters of all time. Equally at home in a variety of genres, he has played a powerful lead in many of the world's top bands but is even better known for his expressive solos. Yamaha manufactured the Shew Flugel Horn Mouthpiece expressly for Bobby Shew and the custom-made mouthpiece reflects the wisdom and expertise of this legendary trumpeter.

Rim is same as LEAD mouthpiece but with deep flugel cup and specially designed long backbore for smooth dark sound and great playability. Created especially to match the YFH-6310Z flugelhorn, it will work well in an flugelhorn.

  • Long Taper Backbore
  • Standard Cup Depth
  • Throat Diameter: 4.40 mm
  • Semi-Thick Rim
  • Semi-Round Rim Contour
  • Rim Inner Diameter: 16.54 mm
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