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The YBH-301M is ideal for DCI style marching ensembles which have no trombones. It can add a unique voice to your band, darker than a trombone yet brighter than a euphonium, a very rich and strong sound. In addition, the 301M is a well-balanced instrument, making it easier to play, and easier to maneuver with in formations.

This model is used by groups such as the 2002 DCI World Champion Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps because of it's warm, rich tone with plenty of projection.

  • Key of B flat
  • .571" bore
  • 10" yellow-brass bell
  • nickel-plated pistons
  • 1st valve thumbhook
  • Large shank mouthpiece receiver
  • BHC-301M case
  • L48 mouthpiece
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