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Yamaha Artist Model "Chicago III" C Trumpet - Newly Redesigned!
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The primary consultant for the Chicago Series was John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony. In addition to testing parts and later prototypes with John and his colleagues, some very famous vintage trumpets owned by the CSO were used as benchmarks in the process. Those horns were studied in great detail, not to copy them, but rather to understand what made them so special. They had their flaws too, yet they set a fantastic reference standard difficult for any modern trumpet to match.

The bell is one of its most important elements. The wall thickness gradually tapers, thinning as it gets closer to the rim. The flat dome style rim is wider than most modern trumpet bell rims, which helps hold the sound together even at extreme dynamics. The seam of the bell is aligned with the braces to improve tonal projection, and the braces are smaller so the bell, valves and leadpipe are closer together, giving a natural vibrancy to the entire trumpet.

  • Key of: C
  • Bell Diameter: 123mm (4-7/8")
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Finish: Silver-Plated
  • Bore: 11.73 (0.462")
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Mouthpiece: TR17B4
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