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Yamaha Custom Eb Trumpet
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The YTR-9630 is especially well suited for use in place of B or C trumpets, due to its large sized 5" bell (bigger than the bell of many B trumpets) which gives a broad warm sound. A 4th valve extends the lower range making it possible to play most B and C trumpet parts, and the added weight from the extra valve adds substance to the sound.

  • Custom Specialty Keyed Trumpet
  • Key of Eb
  • Medium .445 inch Bore
  • 5 inch Bell Diameter
  • Gold Brass Leadpipe
  • Yellow Brass Body
  • One-Piece Gold Brass Bell
  • Detachable Bell
  • Mother of Pearl Key Buttons
  • Silver Finish
  • Four Monel Piston Valves
  • Bell slide tuning system
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