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  • Hand-Crafted B5 Yellow Brass Bell - Standard Leadpipe
    Model: 1624S
  • $2,599.00
  • - +
  • Hand-Crafted B5 Yellow Brass Bell - Reverse Leadpipe
    Model: 1624S-R
  • $2,599.00
  • - +
  • Hand-Crafted R5 Rose Brass Bell - Standard Leadpipe
    Model: 1624RS
  • $2,599.00
  • - +
  • Hand-Crafted R5 Rose Brass Bell - Reverse Leadpipe
    Model: 1624RS-R
  • $2,599.00
  • - +

The Jupiter XO Professional Series C Trumpet offers a versatile trumpet that can be adapted for any playing situation. It provides a rich timbre perfectly suited for solo or orchestral work.

The 1624 features a .462" bore, yellow brass body with a specially designed, 4.8" handcrafted B5 bell. This fine instrument has been developed to enhance the artist's playability of any musical genre including symphonic and orchestral compositions. The elliptical bell crook design offers increased air column stability while maximizing tonal center and sonic brilliance. Both standard (1624s) and reverse (1624s-r) leadpipe configurations are available to ensure the desired response for the individual performer. A choice of yellow brass or rose brass bell is available to further customize your sound. A professional two-piece valve casing with nickel silver balusters offers superior alignment for the precision-lapped Monel pistons. Options include pearl inlaid or metal finger buttons, regular or light action springs, and standard or heavy weight bottom valve caps. Both elliptical and rounded tuning slides are included to complete this incredibly versatile trumpet.

  • Key: C
  • .462 Inch Bore
  • Yellow Brass Bell
  • 4.8 Inch Hand-Hammered Bell
  • XO Model
  • Large .462" bore
  • Silver-plated yellow brass
  • Hand-crafted 4.8" bell
  • B5 yellow brass bell (1624S and 1624S-R) or R5 rose brass bell (1624RS and 1624RS-R)
  • Standard leadpipe (1624S and 1624RS) or reverse leadpipe (1624S-R and 1624RS-R)
  • Monel pistons
  • Two-piece valve casing
  • Elliptical and rounded tuning slides
  • Pearl inlaid and metal finger buttons
  • Regular and light-action spring sets
  • Standard and weighted bottom valve caps
  • 1st valve slide thumb saddle
  • 3rd valve slide throw ring and vertical stop
  • XO Series Classic case
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