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Product Highlights

  • The unmatched acoustics of the Supreme alto
  • An innovative and creative design
  • Noble materials (gold and precious woods)
  • A Limited Edition of 641 Pieces will be produced (75 of them for the USA Market)


  • Key: E♭
  • Dark gold matte lacquer finish
  • Matte black chromed octave key and guards
  • Gold-plated thumb rest, thumb hook and neck receiver climping ring
  • Gold-plated body-to-bell with a grenadilla wood medallion
  • Specific engraving "Modèle 2022"
  • Black mother-of-pearls
  • Brushed lacquered wave-shaped resonators
  • Limited edition number engraved on the neck-to-body connection
  • 3-year extended warranty
  • Concept mouthpiece
  • Supreme "Modèle 2022" case
  • Grenadilla plug with brass ring marked "Modèle 2022"
  • "Modèle 2022" specific accessory line


A rare and precious instrument, available in Limited Edition, the SUPREME Modèle 2022 alto celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Modèle 22, the first saxophone to be manufactured by the Henri SELMER Paris workshops in 1922.

Produced in a limited series of 641 pieces -in reference to the number of parts needed to assemble it- this new version of the SUPREME alto benefits from the same acoustic, mechanical and ergonomic qualities, but is distinguished by a specific, innovative and creative design.

Its exclusive matte dark gold finish is highlighted by the contrast of a palette of blacks on the guards, the body-to-bell grenadilla wood medallion, the pads and the mother-of-pearls. The patterns of its engraving, resolutely Art Déco, evoke the Paris of the Roaring Twenties, a euphoric interlude between the two wars, where the intense desire for transgression and avant-garde was an ideal setting for the saxophone, which was then just waiting to flourish. The gold-plated thumb rests, neck receiver climping ring and body-to-bell reinforce the precious character of this limited series, each piece of which being numbered.


The Supreme alto carries the qualities of all the models that preceded it. To mark this historical link, the name Modèle 2022 echoes the Modèle 22 released in 1922. The body and the keywork are lacquered in matte dark gold creating a unique light and reflections. Matte black chromed, the guards and the neck key are highlighted by the contrast with the gold lacquer. The mother-of-pearls are black, echoing the black of the grenadilla wood medallion and the chromed guards. The pads are made of black leather and the wave-shaped resonators are brushed lacquered.


The Engraving

The engraving of the Modèle 2022 illustrates and celebrates the joy of the Paris of the 1920s, the Roaring Twenties, a euphoric interlude between the two world wars, where the desire for artistic creation and celebration in all its forms is intense.


Montmartre, where Henri SELMER Paris was founded, was its most festive and bubbling epicenter, crossroads of all artistic currents. The city of Paris is illustrated by its monuments, its river and especially the Eiffel Tower, a marvelous symbol of avant-garde that became a symbol of an era, which owed its survival to its role in the radio.


The engraving of the Modèle 2022 pays tribute to past and contemporary musicians, for whom the pleasure of playing and creating is intact. From that time on, the Radio was the main means of broadcasting music, especially Jazz, which helped the saxophone become so popular.


The Paris of the Roaring Twenties is the meeting point between Art Nouveau, whose sinuous lines are inspired by the plant world, to which the shape of the saxophone itself is related, and the elegance of the Art Déco movement, whose refined architecture is more geometric.


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