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The BBH-1287 is a great fit for a first-time student. Beginning band programs benefit from using 'British bore' baritones for the simple reason that they are easier to play and more manageable in every way for a young player. It is easy to play because it's ergonomic and more responsive due to the smaller bore and bell. Additionally, its lighter weight is much easier for a child to manage as they transport back and forth.
Standard Series
Key of Bb
.504" British Style Small Bore
8 3/8" Bell Diameter
Rose Brass Lead Pipe with Yellow Brass Body
Yellow Brass; Two-piece Bell
Nickel Silver-plated Yellow Brass Tuning Slide
Stainless Steel Valves with Plastic Finger Buttons
Clear Epoxy Lacquer Finish
Small Shank Receiver with Blessing 6.5AL Mouthpiece
Blessing C-1287BH Thermoplastic Case
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