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Breathing Devices

  • Peak Flow Meter Breathing Device

    Peak Flow Meter Breathing Device

    Peak flow meters are commonly used by asthmatics as an exercising device. It requires a flow of 60-880 liters per...

  • Breath Builder

    Breath Builder

    The simplest device to use is the Breath Builder. Developed by the late Bassoonist Harold Hansen of Las Vegas,...

  • Breathing Gym Pack

    Breathing Gym Pack

    The Breathing Gym Book and DVD: Breathing exercises for Band, Chorus, and Orchestral Winds by Patrick Sheridan and...

  • Inspiron Breathing Device

    Inspiron Breathing Device

    The incentive spirometer, or Inspiron [Inspirx®]. It is a device used in hospitals to give respiratory...

  • Triflow Breathing Device

    Triflow Breathing Device

    Similar to the Inspiron®, the Triflo® is an incentive spirometer. It has three chambers with their own...

  • Voldyne Breathing Device

    Voldyne Breathing Device

    To determine a person's actual vital capacity, a test is given to determine how much air [in liters] can be moved...

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