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Rousseau JDX Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces
  • Rousseau JDX Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece - JDX5
    Model: ER404JDX5
  • $179.95
  • - +
  • Rousseau JDX Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece - JDX6
    Model: ER404JDX6
  • $179.95
  • - +
  • Rousseau JDX Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece - JDX7
    Model: ER404JDX7
  • $179.95
  • - +
  • Rousseau JDX Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece - JDX8
    Model: ER404JDX8
  • $179.95
  • - +
Rousseau Saxophone Mouthpieces are the finest Classical and Jazz mouthpieces anywhere. The key is the ingenious designs created by world-renowned Concert Saxophonist and Legendary Professor Dr. Eugene Rousseau. Combined with old-world hand craftsmanship and strict quality control, there are simply no better mouthpieces for sound, control and performance on the planet. Now a JodyJazz Company, Rousseau Mouthpieces are hand-finished, gauged and play tested at the JodyJazz Factory and held to the highest quality standards.

Power and Edge with Massive Core and Bottom.

The JDX Tenor sax mouthpiece is brighter and has stronger projection than the Rousseau Studio Jazz Series. The JDX features a unique wedged baffle that balances a stable sound with greater power, edge and projection. Good response and an even scale in all registers. A full sounding mouthpiece, with enough edge to "cut through" but enough warmth for sensitive ballad work.

What makes the JDX Tenor Better for Modern Jazz and Popular Music?

In contemporary music or in other words playing saxophone in today's world, it's a fact that saxophonists need a certain amount of power, projection and cut in order to be heard among all of the electronic instruments. The JDX delivers this power in an elegant and beautiful sounding package. The sound of Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Eric Marienthal, Grover Washington and Cannonball Adderley to name a few are some examples of the range of tone one might obtain from the Rousseau JDX Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece.

The wider tip openings of Jazz sax mouthpieces necessitate playing softer reeds than the reeds you play with a Classical sax mouthpiece. Also, in general, Jazz players are seeking a buzzier sound that the softer reed provides. Jazz mouthpieces are louder and brighter than Classical mouthpieces because of the smaller chamber of the Jazz mouthpieces. The larger tip opening of a Jazz mouthpiece also provides for some more volume of tone but mostly it assists in the bending of notes.

Rousseau Jazz mouthpieces are designed for saxophonists at every level from Top Pros and Recording Artists, To University Professors to aspiring students from Middle School to College.

Rousseau mouthpieces are made from traditional hard Rubber and manufactured 100% in the USA and then expertly hand finished by artisans at the JodyJazz Factory on the crucial and indispensable final details of the mouthpiece such as baffle and tip rail.

At the JodyJazz Factory they play test every single Rousseau Mouthpiece after extensive hand work is done to gauge and measure each piece. Consistency and Excellence is an Obsession.
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