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The "BRONZE AGE" is back in style again. This traditional alloy was the standard set by European saxophone makers in the '30s & 40's. It soon gave way to brass alloys capitalizing on new metal technologies for machining, shaping, annealing and spinning. As a result, that lustrous tone/timbre and resonance produced by Bronze was lost for decades. Sought after "vintage" saxophones, became the new "darlings" of prominent Sax Artists, as they searched for those rich elusive sounds of the past. Now, that search is over. DAKOTA has reclaimed history with the introduction of its new XR SERIES of Altos & Tenors. Raw BRONZE replaces lacquered brass in 2014. It's 'back to the future' with Sax Dakota technology. It's our same precision craftsmanship, innovation & aesthetics….coupled with the same Bronze that produced exceptional Saxophones in France decades ago. This is not about "bogus" vintage. This is the real thing.
Same mechanical specifications as our existing models except for Bell/Bow size & design borrowed from the '30s. Alto: 4.75" Tenor: 5.95", both with a gradual taper from the bow collar. Elaborate Bell /bow/neck hand engraving rivals any other brand sold and confirms this instrument as the new benchmark of excellence.
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