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The John Packer Musical Instrument range was born from John Packer's passion for providing affordable and high quality musical instruments. The full JP instrument range now exceeds 130 models, covering the majority of woodwind and brass instruments, including many minority instruments, with more in the pipeline! We regularly visit our suppliers and are able to control all aspects of production: design, materials and manufacturing methods. Every instrument is designed to perform better than any other instrument at the same price. Many of our instruments are played by top professional players in the UK, and around the world with almost 30 countries now stocking JP!

The JP Post Horn is silver plated pitched in Bb and is an ideal solo instrument It has good build quality a lovely tone and is proving to be a very popular addition to the John Packer range This instrument is 51" long 1300mm) and plays Bb F Bb D F Bb Supplied with banner rings
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