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Numerous improvements have been made to the Buffet RC Prestige, making its remarkable tone even better. The shape of the bell plays a major role in adding warmth and focus to the sound. The body is made from carefully chosen quality materials. The M'Pingo wood, selected, dried, and tested with care, makes up the material of the instrument. The talents of the best craftsmen, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled skills come together in the RC Prestige.

  • Artisan Series
  • Key of Bb
  • Made from M'Pingo Wood
  • Silver-Plated Keys
  • French Boehm Key System
  • Eighteen Keys
  • Alternate Eb/Ab Lever
  • Undercut Tone Holes
  • Polycylindrical Top Joint Bore Shape
  • Cylidrical Lower Joint Bore Shape
  • .569 inch Bore Size
  • Gore-Tex Pads
  • Blue Steel Springs
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