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BG Leather Bb Clarinet Neck Strap - Multiple Options!
  • BG Elastic Leather Bb Clarinet Neck Strap
    Model: BGC23E
  • $33.95
  • - +
  • BG Regular Leather Bb Clarinet Neck Strap
    Model: BGC23LP
  • $33.95
  • - +
Whether you are suffering from overuse problems or are just looking for a way to remove the weight of the clarinet from your right hand, the BG support strap is for you. Highly flexible and unconfined, each has a leather neck pad lined in absorbent cotton and two leather thumbrest adapters to fit any style of thumb rest.

Every detail is taken care of at BG. We offer two different straps / sling support for clarinet. Both help to limit pressure on the thumb rest, arms, shoulders and to prevent neck strain, thus helping to breathe better. The most frequently asked question among the clarinetists is: "should I use elasticity or not int he sling"?

Elastic straps provide more movement, they prevent bad back postures and help to breathe better. Regular straps improve the embouchure control.

A teacher can feel more comfortable teaching with a regular strap and find out that during a concert an elastic sling will favor their general performance.
Leather neck
Cotton padding
Absorbs perspiration
Elastic or regular sling
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