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Since 1925, Keilwerth has concerned itself with creating saxophones that allow the musician to shape his own sound and style. With this in mind, Keilwerth took the technical advantages and improvements of the SX90, and added some extra features to truly make the musician's instrument his own. The result was the SX90R (the R standing for tone hole rings), a saxophone reminiscent of the old Conn and Buescher saxophones of the 1940s.

The SX90R Shadow saxophone pushes the limits of design and performance. The body is made of German nickel-silver that resonates strongly and responds quickly to the players demands. Black nickel plating coats the body adding depth to the well centered and powerful sound. The inner bell and key work are silver plated to highlight the extensive hand engraving for a vibrant and dazzling appearance. From the small, intimate club to a concert arena for thousands of fans, the SX90R Shadow saxophone lets the player take control and offers limitless potential for expression and sound.
Key : Eb
Range : Low Bb to High F#
Material : German Brass
Key buttons : Mother of pearl
Palm keys : Adjustable
Thumb rest : Metal, adjustable
Pads : Leather Pisoni
Resonators : Metal
Body finish : Black Nickel
Key finish : Silver Plated
Engraving : Laser precision engraved
Tone holes : Drawn with Hand Soldered Rings
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1 review
nice horn
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 21, 2012
I've had my shadow for about 5 years now.It's a beautiful,unique looking saxophone with a very complex sound to it.I use a meyer 5 med. mouthpiece with green java 3s or La Voz med.reeds and it sounds very cool..a phil woods type sound(very good for bop,blues,movin jazz or rock)This horn takes practice to control ,but any true artist quality instrument takes practice.It has a very colorful voice when you get on it but also has almost a flute like quality when played soft and sweet.I'd say if your shopping for a new horn that will be your voice in music give one a try. :) saxman
Jim Briggs

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