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The craftsmanship that goes into a P.Mauriat saxophone is second to none. P.Mauriat Saxophones are different from all the others because they are hand made from start to finish. Our French brass, used in combination with other metals is super resonant because of the extensive hand hammering process it undergoes in our factory. Each tone hole is drawn from the saxophone one by one to ensure the precision and consistency required for excellent response and intonation. Our lacquer is applied in three stages to the vintage saxophones to achieve a timeless look that will last through the years. The embodiment of aesthetic beauty and technical precision, P.Mauriat Saxophones have arrived.

The Black Pearl is as appealing to the eye as it is to the ear. This rare beauty, formed from nickel silver and then plated with black nickel, responds with a big sound that cuts with just the right amount of edge. Flaunting an engraving from head to toe, the 500 – BXS has a look and feel that is extravagantly smooth from all angles.

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