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  • Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature - Soprano Saxophone - Hard Rubber
    Model: ULSSXL03
  • $79.95
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  • Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature - Alto Saxophone - Hard Rubber
    Model: ULASXL03
  • $79.95
  • - +
  • Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature - Tenor Saxophone - Large Hard Rubber
    Model: ULTSXL03
  • $79.95
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The Ultimate Ligature is more than just a trendy accessory, it has been conceived as an instrument in its own right. The tightening by a single central screw ensures an even distribution of the pressure on the reed and allows the reed to vibrate freely without damping the natural vibration of the mouthpiece.

Thanks to the resonating pipes this ligature generates a range of sympathetic vibrations that enrich the player's sound. The Ultimate Ligature comes in three finishes:

The Brass is more resonant and vibrating.
The Silver is more resistant and darker.
The Gold has more "elegance" and a slicker tone quality (polished).

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What A Difference!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Feb 3, 2017
Paired with Vandoren V12 reeds, Berg Larsen Metal Mouthpiece & Selmer Tenor, I can FINALLY get the SMOOTH yet bright jazz tone (a la Euge Groove) I've been looking for all these years! Who knew that a ligature could make such a difference! The science behind the sales pitch on these ACTUALLY works, and trust me, my audience has noticed the difference! The only negative is that adjusting the mouthpiece on the horn with this in place is almost impossible without it slipping off the reed, so you have to re position it & the reed again on the mouthpiece (an issue I've read elsewhere too). A small price to pay though for the quality of sound that this unit helps the sax player achieve!
Trevor D Money

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