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Artist model bassoon featuring revised bore, tone hole positioning and ergonomics. Hand-selected ten-year-old alpine maple body with a hand-stained high gloss lacquer finish, 27 nickel silver silver-plated keys, eleven rollers, sterling silver tone hole inserts, ring key with silver inserts, high E key, E-F# trill key, double Eb key on wing joint, whisper key lock, high A bridge to whisper key, new dense pads, balance holder, new wooden hand support with screw mounted fastener and recessed lock nut, patented U-tube for improved air flow, three newly-developed hand-hammered, soldered, bent bocals, professional woodshell case

Wood : Alpine maple
Keys : 28 keys silver-plated - outfit
Rollers : 9
Trill : Disconnectable Ab/Bb
Finger holes : Lined in Sterling silver
Bocals : 3
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