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Azumi headjoint
Designed and created by master flute maker Shuichi Tanaka, the Azumi flute series has been the go-to brand for affordable, top-notch flutes made of the finest materials and special handmade design. In 1981, after five years of working and training at Muramatsu, Mr. Tanaka founded Azumi and then later partnered with London-based flute player William Bennett, developing the brand's scales for optimal performance. The Azumi brand offers the Z (3 models) and S (2 models) series, with the former boasting "easy articulation, powerful and precise focus of tone," and is particularly popular among flute students, while the latter has a "beautiful open tone with increased positive resistance," and supports playing all types of genres and is great for orchestras, chamber music groups, wind ensembles, and soloist sets. The headjoints used for Azumi flutes is produced by ALTUS, perfected down to the last detail to ensure tonal unity between the flute's headjoint and body.

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