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Phil Farkas
In 1896, celebrated trombonist Frank Holton opened a small shop in Chicago, Illinois, selling second-hand instruments and his personal secret recipe of Electric Oil trombone slide oil. After two years of struggle, the business eventually grew and by the next decade, Holton instruments were the top choice of world-class professional musicians, such as Vincent Bach, Ernst Albert Couturier, Edward Llewellyn, Renold Schilke, Philip Farkas, Maynard Ferguson, and Harvey Phillips. The "Holton Harmony Hints" catalogue expanded to trombones, cornets, valve trombones, and mellophones, and the Holton Collegiate line of school grade instruments through the years. After being sold to G. Leblanc Corporation, the company led the low brass manufacturing industry. The brand currently manufactures top-notch and world-class instruments for musicians – from student to professional level – French horns, cornets, trumpets, and trombones, as well as Holton oil.
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